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A Fresh and Exciting Turn to Solar

At Suniboat technologies we recognize that globally, there is a large potential of solar energy within water based landscapes in ways that facilitate synergistic outcomes on technological, ecological and economic systems beyond avoided emissions.

With a background of developing and deploying solar photovoltaic generation systems under various site conditions we understand the unique challenges that installing solar panels on water will need to successfully negotiate. Hence we created this unique and novel solution which will help installers, contractors, solar EPC companies and end consumers to cost effectively install Suniboat based solar photovoltaic solutions at their sites and efficiently implement the solution with little to no specialized training.

We believe that floating solar power generation systems have tremendous unchartered potential globally internationally to both social and economic advancement of local and global communities.

With Suniboat, you are choosing a fresh and exciting alternative to traditional rooftop and ground mount solar. With innovative design, installation, and maintenance practices, Suniboat also offers unrivaled deployment and consultation expertise. We will arm you with every tool you need to successfully lead your organization towards installing a floating solar power generation solution, including site evaluations, feasibility analysis, deployment services, financing options, and a host of other resources to help you implement your solar project.

Our commitment to making floating solar on water bodies simple, effective, affordable and accessible is deep-seeded and profound. Come try us out!

Our Mission and Goal

Our mission is to help everyone access to renewable solar energy while conserving precious water resources.

We are passionate about solar energy and water conservation and are working hard to make it an efficient and affordable alternative land based solar installations.

We aim to create new jobs and contribute to the contributing to the development of a greener and more sustainable economy. Suniboat Technologies will develop utility-scale floating solar energy systems that produce large amounts of clean and renewable energy. We focus our efforts on technological innovations designed to continuously evolve towards a lower overall system cost and to make floating solar power as affordable as possible.

Our sustainability goals guide our project choices, our product development and business practices. We pursue opportunities to install floating solar energy systems on quarry lakes, mine fill lakes and remediation ponds to transform polluted land and water into clean solar energy generating sites.

We are eager to help you deploy a Suniboat based floating solar system that meets your energy environmental and financial considerations.

We're in it for the long term. This isn't just our business, it's our passionate goal!

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