Floating Solar Projects Engineer

Floating Solar Projects Engineer will hold a key position for delivery of Suniboat enabled solar on water power solutions. They are responsible for the floating solar system design and complete execution of the floating solar plant. They will co-ordinate with teams within the company such as design, procurement for solar on water engineering. Starting with management of single solar installation on water, you would be required to oversee installation of Suniboat enabled solar PV systems on lakes and reservoirs across multiple sites.

The role for solar on water engineering is beyond supervisory level and is responsible for hassle-free installation of floating solar on water tanks and catchment areas. They take ownership for timely floating solar system design and project execution for the consumer. Floating solar on water project engineer acts as a nerve centre and co-ordinates with various teams – both internal and external. They are responsible for transforming the electrical and system design on paper – onto the actual water bodies.

Job Description

Design and Deployment:

  • Responsible for operational level understanding of client/customer requirement
  • Conducting site visits to assess feasibility of executing floating solar PV on water bodies.
  • Experience on software Solid works AutoCAD and electrical engineering designing tools.
  • Having knowledge of PV SYST or similar software and should have good knowledge for conducting all essential tests required in entire floating solar project execution.
  • Validating layouts & schematic diagrams and calculation of technical Sizing, BOQ/BOM.
  • Drawing/Document submission/approvals, scheduling, preparing a generalized check list for review of all standards.
  • Having knowledge of specifications needed for the designing and execution of floating solar projects.
  • End to end execution of floating solar projects
  • Maintaining of files and documents as back-up for deployment plans and technical design data for each project.


  • A degree in Electrical Engineering
  • Formal training in fields associated with renewable energy systems will be an added advantage towards floating solar system design.
  • 2-4 years’ experience in handling deployment of solar projects will help in solar on water engineering.

Skills Expected

  • Understanding of specific challenges in deployment of floating solar system design on lakes and reservoirs
  • Working knowledge in PVSYST and AutoCAD for solar on water engineering.
  • Acute knowledge in renewable energy electrical design concepts
  • Floating solar project management skills
  • Self-disciplined and have good organizing abilities
  • Good in prioritizing tasks and co-ordination
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