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Suniboat is a fully recyclable floating solar solutions technology that allows affordable deployment of solar photovoltaic solutions on water bodies thus generating renewable energy while conserving water.

Solar photovoltaic systems are typically installed on land or on rooftops where exposure to sunlight must be maximum and unrestricted. However almost all land based installation either take up prime property space or fertile agricultural land. At the same time installation on rooftops are limited in capacity by the space available and constrained for power generation due to sub-optimal roof orientations.

Just like ground-mount or rooftop systems; commercial and industrial floating solar solutions are important to contribute to the energy portfolio. Rather than installing on large farmlands, floating solar solutions are preferred ecological alternatives for utility scale multi megawatt installations.

The siting of solar energy panels that float on the surface of water bodies, such as reservoirs and irrigation canals, minimizes evaporation, reduce algae growth, cools water temperatures, and improve energy efficiency by reducing PV temperatures through evaporative cooling.

Solar panels reduce light exposure and lower water temperatures, minimizing algae growth and the need to filter water. Additionally, when solar panels are placed over cool water instead of land, PV module efficiency may increase 8−10% where increased thermal transfer limits resistance on the circuit allow the electrical current to move more efficiently.

Floating solar solutions integrate well into agricultural systems, industrial and commercial water reservoirs by allaying competition with land resources and providing energy and water savings. Farmers, businesses and communities including large cities increasingly rely on lakes, ponds and other such artificial reservoirs for water storage for irrigation, livestock, and aquaculture, community sustenance and overall economic growth.

These reservoirs are often more wide than shallow making them more susceptible to water loss through evaporation. Algae growth, a nutrient pollutant, is another costly nuisance for ponds that can clog pumps, block filters, choke supply pipelines and produce odors, conditions attributed to further water losses that can be expensive and challenging to address.

Irrigation is the largest source of water consumption globally. There are vast opportunities for floating solar deployment; collectively, lakes, ponds, and impoundments (water bodies formed by dams) cover more than 3% of the earth’s surface area. Reservoirs allow for seamless solar energy integration along with some placid river locations.

Suniboat offers deployment of floating solar solutions on commercial and industrial reservoirs, irrigation and quarry ponds, natural and artificial lakes, small to large hydro projects, wastewater treatment facilities, municipal drinking water reservoirs and many more. The possibilities for deploying Suniboat based floating solar solutions are infinite!

Designed to work in a wide variety of natural conditions unique to floating solar solutions, Suniboat helps to produce cost-effective solar electricity, for small to large scale floating solar solutions. This makes it a serious and reliable alternative to rooftop or ground-mounted solar systems.

Being a comprehensive solution to the above problem the idea of Suniboat is important in nature. It is a unique technology specifically designed and created for the application of being able to install floating solar solutions on water without the use of additional structures.

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Development of
Floating Solar Projects

Technical, commercial and regulatory expertise to successfully execute complex floating solar projects

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EPC for Floating Solar

Engineering, procurement and construction services for successful floating solar plant deployment

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Financing of Floating
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Structuring finance in a multitude of ways to enable adoption of small and large floating solar farms

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O&M of Floating
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Comprehensive operations and maintenance of floating solar arrays for optimal operation and productivity

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Benefits of Floating Solar

Higher Generation

The cooling effect from floating on water improves the energy production from floating solar arrays.

No Real Estate Costs

One of the biggest advantages of floating solar on water technology is that it does not use up precious land resources

Easy Assimilation

Floating solar integrates well into agricultural systems as well as industrial and commercial water reservoirs

Water Conservation

Floating Solar Panels reduce evaporation by as much as 90% in dry climates.

Renewable solar energy and water conservation

We're in it for the long term. This isn't just our business, it's our passionate goal!

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